Ancient Anguish has some modifications and help available to make it more accessible to vision-impaired players using screen readers.

Inputting "asciiart off" will replace ascii art in the game, such as Hanza's maps, with descriptive text instead. Hanza's map text also includes the coordinates of your current location. If you have ascii art turned off and encounter some ascii art in the game which does not comply with this setting, please notify a wizard so it can be fixed. More information about this is available in "help asciiart" in-game.

This wiki has a descriptive map which also includes a list of area coordinates and an explanation of how they correspond to your current location.

There is also a newbie line in-game where you can ask questions and more experienced players can answer and provide help.

As the official Ancient Anguish website has some menus which may not be accessible to those using screen readers or mobile devices, direct links to the menu items are provided below.

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