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Looking for a huge world to explore? Tired of clumsy pay-for-play games disguised as "pay-for-perks"? Bored of enforced role-playing and looking for a place where you can indulge in wanton slaughter or clever banter with good company? Want a world where you can explore to your heart's content, then become a wizard to create new places? You've come to the right place!

Ancient Anguish is a vast, free, and incredibly engaging MUD that has since 1992 retained a friendly and loyal player base. The world is constantly expanding, adding new challenges, fun new classes, and more ways to pass the time than you can swing a hobbit at. Pick a MUD Client and join us at on port 2222!

On Ancient Anguish, a player can choose between fighter, mage, ranger, cleric, shapeshifter, necromancer, paladin, rogue, and Artificers for their character class. The newest class, Jaochi, opened in late May 2017 as part of AA's 25th Anniversary celebration.

So log in and start exploring and look at Jerusulum's List of Things To Do for all the cool activities available to you.

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New on Ancient Anguish

  • The western mists have fallen! Large westward expansion of the world map.
  • The skill focus trait has been fixed and is available again
  • Paper mill - A family has reopened an old mill on the Dunadan river, and will reward those who help them with their craft.
  • Ancient Anguish turns 25! Anniversary festivities throughout 2017!
  • Keepink - An entrepreneurial opossum in the far east is looking for donations of extraordinary items for a museum. Compete on her top lists of contributors!
  • New prompt - Prompt has been overhauled and can now be customized.
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