There are many dark places on Oerthe. There are also many ways to bring light to them.


Sources of Light

Item/Spell Weight Where it's from Notes
Lantern 2 Fredd, Norich Limited duration (2h 45m realtime). Can be refueled.
Torch 1 Various Limited duration. Goes out if it gets wet.
Branch (glowing) 1 Dangerous Flora Limited duration? (need to verify)
clump of glowing lichen 1 Manspiders Permanent duration? (need to verify)
Fire gem 1 Flame Pit, Underground Forest Permanent duration.
Glowing sphere 1 Fairy Ring Permanent duration.
Some green moss 1 Shadow Elves Permanent duration.
Glowing stone 1 Mystic Fair Permanent duration. Sold as "White Stone".
Mining helmet 1 Iceforge Clan Forge Permanent duration. Head armour.
Unicorn horn 3 Mystic Fair Permanent duration. Two-handed spear.
Holy gem 0 Anakim Permanent duration.
Bright orange potion 1 or 0 Dubo Limited duration. No weight after you drink it and dispose of the empty bottle.
Shimmery yellow potion 1 or 0 Mystic Fair As above.
Light spell 0 Mage class Limited duration. Basic school.
Light prayer 0 Cleric class Limited duration. Gained at 2 wisdom; costs 10 sp.

Limitations of Darkness

(ie, can't open doors, etc)

Other Notes

(stuff about night vision?)


Rogues can’t hide in shadows while in a darkened room and carrying the only light source, but can use their vision ability to hide if there’s no light source at all. An alternative approach, for getting those sweet, sweet backstabs in darkened areas, is to drop your light source before hiding. In areas full of light-fingered NPCs, it’s worth carrying a cheap and disposable light source for this purpose.


Dwarves have limited night vision. While most races will have difficulty performing actions or do anything in dark rooms, dwarves do not. While they cannot see anything, and actions like 'examine' will fail, they can for example take things they know are there, open doors and perform other actions they are already aware of, or get to know by 'searching' (which they can also do in the dark).

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