User Groups



This is the first level of User, the one you get from registering the first time. As this user you can:

  • Create and edit talk pages
  • Create and edit articles/pages
  • User Forum

Until you qualify for or is promoted to Confirmed Users, you will have to pass a very simple Captcha test each time you do an action. It's the same type you encountered when you registered.

Confirmed Users

Manual promotion, or autopromotion based on these requirements:

  • Confirmed email
  • 50 edits
  • User age 3 days or higher

Note: Just doing junk edits will get you warned and eventually banned instead.


Editors are trusted users, given extra tasks that sometimes complement the tasks of Administrators. Compared to Confirmed Users, Editors currently have these extra abilities:

  • Move pages
  • Move and overwrite uploaded files
  • Edit semiprotected pages
  • Moderate the Forum


Bureaucrats are users with the technical ability to:

  • promote other users to administrator, translation administrator, or bureaucrat status;
  • grant and revoke the ability to transwiki pages;
  • grant and revoke the ability to import pages via file upload;
  • grant and revoke an account's bot status; and
  • rename user accounts.


Administrators (also known as sysops or admins) on are users with the technical capability to protect and delete pages, block users, and edit protected pages, among other things. On these are the highest level users and competent in all tasks.

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