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This is listings for uniques and semi-unique weapons and armours. For design documents items see the relevant page.

See Special Items for things that aren't quite uniques, but have special properties.

Uniques are items which are unusually powerful or have other special qualities (such as boosting stats). They are called unique because, in many cases, there can be only one in existence at a time. For example, if a player is already using Elvenheart, you will not be able to acquire a second Elvenheart until the previous one has been destroyed through some means. "Semi" refers to uniques there can be more than one instance of, though still limited in quantity (black robe, for example).

Uniques can be destroyed deliberately by a player. They can also disappear on their own if they are unused for a period of time. This reduces hoarding of powerful items by players who are not using them. They have a cumulative lifespan which, per in-game boards, can be restored with active use.

NOTE ON KEEPINK: Some of the items below might be disproved as being unique by the new NPC Keepink. Please do not remove the entry completely if that happens. Instead we should investigate if the amount of versions or items is really limited and consider moving it to Special Items instead.


Currently no (one handed) axe uniques.


The Big Un

Seems to be a non-unique version and a unique version. Unique version varies to your skill. Unknown beyond that knowledge

The Destructor

+1 Dex for Dwarves, evals better for Dwarves.


Can "wave warhammer at opponent" for a shock attack, no sps but has recharge time ~ 30 seconds.

Onix, Horn of Power

15-20 Skill, Average Damage, Poor Parry. Gives strange healing bonuses, seems to have chance of 1hp/1sps(maybe more?) per round when fighting enemies of equal or higher level.

Stone Smasher Maul

+1 Strength

Hammer of Gralain

Does extra damage against orcs.

Curved Blade

Andellen's Wrath

Two handed. Bonus hits vs. humans, hurts humans that try to wield it. Seems to do more damage when wielded by elves.

Blade of Sethic

Two handed curved blade. Damage/parry/protection/ etc depends on the runes you activate. Works better for elves.

After attaching the green gem dagger to the Blade of Sethic, you can unleash it's power by activating the runes. There are six runes, one inscribed on each emerald. You recognise them as ancient elven runes, and are just able to recognise their names. In order, they are: 'Pararan', 'Gaialcir', 'Elencir', 'Elbelle', 'Ulgaiar' and 'Edelia'.

Each of these runes correspond to the abilities associated below, in order:

Pararan: This rune is in the shape of a three-armed spiral. You understand that it means something vaguely akin to 'power'.

Gaialcir: This rune is a circle pierced by two lines that originate within the circle. You think it has something to do with 'pain'.

Elencir: Two parallel lines crossed by a third line form this rune, which you think means something similar to 'skill'.

Elbelle: This rune is triangle inscribed in a circle and you think it means 'protection'. -- Gives magic resistance

Edelia: This rune appears to be two inverted triangles side by side. It means something akin to 'immunity'. -- gives poison resistance

You must "activate" these runes using their Elvish names. They do wear off and recharge over time.


A scimitar when wielded by Masrur, Draqisfang will transform into the most appropriate weapon type for its current wielder (based on the highest skill of its current wielder, excluding marksmanship and unarmed. and is always called "The Sacred <weapon>, Draqisfang". Evaluates around moderately difficult and is generally unremarkable, although the knife form is a good rogue secondary and, as knives go, is pretty decent to wield as a primary weapon. The staff form is two-handed. If highest skills are equal then it will transform into whichever of the skills comes first alphabetically - so for 1700 characters, it's always an axe.

The Eagle Talon

Has a bonus for Parry and Block. One handed. Weighs 4, but you must also have the talisman (weighs 1) to wield it. Requires 1 million xp to wield

Flamberge, the flame sword

Changes to suit the wielder's skill. Switches between flame attacks and normal. Better vs. bigger things, dragons specifically. If it feels you're attacking a worthy opponent, it will advise you which body part to aim at. From Sand Dragon area.


There are currently no unique Exotic weapons


Flail of Ancient Demolition

Causes lovely knockdown effects, based on wielders strength

morning star

Extra damage vs humans.

a two handed mithril flail

Semi-unique, two handed, good damage. Hit messages: barely grazed, connected with part, took some skin off, dug into, dug deeply into, excavated a gaping hole in, ripped chunks of flesh from


Gemmed Rondel Dagger

Modifies rogue skills, +to ambush alert, - to dis


+2(?) strength (rogues only) Have to feed corpses or it'll reduce your strength



Has a small bonus while using it at evil alignment, seems to do more damage against good aligned, high-level monsters. Will turn against you if your alignment becomes too positive.

Diablo, the devil sword

Weight three, nice parry, not great damage.


+30 to all resistances and gives 5 special magic attacks.

Sword of Virgis

Only usable by female characters. +20 longsword skill, +10 magic and poison resistance See: purple cloak

Evil Blacksword

Eval changes presumably with race and/or alignment, best for very evil humans.


The quality and eval of this weapon changes depending on race and alignment. Below are some evaluations we have so far.

Race Alignment Skill Damage Parry Note
human nice ex. skill average nearly perfect
human good ex. skill average absolutely perfect
human evil v diff average splendid burned, 2hps
helf nasty v diff average splendid
helf good ex skill average nearly perfect
orc nice diff average fine
orc good mod diff average fine
dwarf good mod diff average good clumsy message



Does not require arrows. Mechanically it is a melee weapon that uses Marksmanship skill with combat usage emotes that imply it is shooting bolts. NPCs react to it normally, rather than the way they to do being shot with arrows.

Silver Longbow

Evals as staff, as all bows do. +20 archery.


Awesome Scythe

Two handed. Hit messages: hardly scratched, cut, slashed, wounded, hacked into, wrecked to a bloody heap, bits of flying tissue temporarily darken the sky.

Orcish Poleaxe

Semi-unique, one handed. Hit messages: barely nicked, bloodily slashed, viciously hacked, brutally chopped, brutally chopped very hard, brutally chopped to bits, cleaved in twain

Malign Pikestaff

+1 str for orcs. -1 wis, -1 int for non-orcs.


Crystal Blade

16(ish) str required, +2 dex, vanishes if dropped.

Sword Of Gilian

Needs 15 str, 17 dex to wield. +2 con, can't be dropped.


Blade Of Losoth

Bonus damage for mages, elves and half-elves.


Occasionally performs additional elemental attacks.


Currently no unique spears.


Crosier of Pain

+2 wis

Black staff

Semi-unique. +1 dex, -1 con, +10 magic resist, +50 cold resist

an oaken staff

Semi unique from Linnhe. Can only be wielded by elves, half elves, and humans.

a sceptre

Sceptre of Fools in its description. One handed, cures plague.

Staff of Tarran

AC bonus. One or two handed. Automagically changes grip so mages can cast spells.


Semi unique, two handed, very heavy.


Increased study hours gain for mages from physical hits, no change in study hours for kill xp or spell damage.

The Staff of Azakath

Requires high int+wis to wield, builds charge through combat, "raise staff" to release energy, can add bands to increase weight and difficulty(?)

Two Handed Sword


+4 Strength to Elves, +3 strength to half-elves. Slight healing effect for elf/half-elf wielders every few rounds.

Two-Handed Powersword


Two Handed Axe

an elvish battleaxe

Daffyd's axe. Works better as an elf.

Rakar, Mattock of the Giant

Special attack akin to kraky, "ravage". ~1 minute cooldown, can only be used indoors. Hits harder vs bigger enemies. Hit messages: hewed, rent, cleaved, destroyed, sundered, pulverized, mangled ruin


Brass knuckles

+2 str, +15 unarmed.

Reflective Bracers

+5 all resistances, +1 con.

Slap glove

+1 str, +1 dex.


Armour of Gaius

Great eval, hurts opponents.

Armour of Ichor

Turns corpses into HP/SP

Black Mithril Platemail

Good mithril Scrap. not too terrible eval, I guess.

Black Robe (semi-unique)

+30 magic resistance, +20 fire and cold resistance.

Dragon Platemail

+15 fire and magic resistance, amazing armour.

Flying Shield

Legal speedwalk, weighs 1

Gauntlet of tarran

+40 blocking???

Helm of Hanza

Deflect blows, has map ability (like sorcerer's map).

Linguafacilis, the great helm

Raises all languages to 100, including Cityspeak and Rodentid. Switch to a language and say something in it to raise it by 1 point each reset. From Sand Dragon area.

Merklyn closes his eyes and touches Linguafacilis, the great helm.
Merklyn says in an eerie voice:
  You sense that this was once owned by a powerful orcish military leader
  from the desert city of Drakhiya. Grim... something. Grimtusk. Yes, General
  Humrus Grimtusk.
Magic surcoat

+30 to cold/fire/magic/poison

Nightblue Cloak

+2 int.

Purple Cloak

Changes your gender when worn.

Ring of Tongues

+0-100 to all languages (bringing them to 100). From Budi in Academy.

Shield of Gralain

+10 block for dwarf, +5 block for human.

dirs: 21n, 6w, n, 2w, sw, w.

lie, crawl into opening, w, stand, search, open d, d, 3w, dig rubble*3, enter rubble, d, s, w, u, n, search, open w, w, d, s. kill leader, open tomb, get key, n, u, e, s, d, search, open s, s, u. search, unlock door, open w, w, n, open tomb. kill ghost, get all from tomb to get shield of gralain and hammer if they not out.

to get back: s, e, d, n, e, n, u, enter rubble, 3e, u, 2e, stand, e, ne, 6e, s, 2e, 21s.

The Shroud of Gustanado

Weight changes from 0-10 along with its eval from poor-AP.

  1. When worn, Shroud weighs 0.
  2. When NOT worn, I -think- Shroud weighs 4. Meaning, when you go from grabbing it (unworn), then switch to wearing it, you're given the false notion of being able to carry more.
  3. Shroud does NOT give extra carrying capacity, it's simply weightless when worn.
  4. The wind emotes do nothing, but alert you of it's blocking powers withering. Starts absolutely perfect in the beginning of a fight and progressively falls to poor, then regenerates and starts at AP again.
  5. There is a UNIQUE Shroud, which possesses a command called "evacuate", in which overwrites your wimpy, allowing you to wimpy with no xp loss. The downside to this is, you must preprogram it to flee in a certain direction, which you can do before every fight.
Spiked gauntlets

occasionally gives substantial damage increase (can also take on bonuses of brass knuckles).

Spiked shield

small damaging random special.

Star Armour

+5 to all resists, awesome AC.

Strangely Patterned Cloak

Absolutely perfect protection, bonus to seclusion ability (rogues). strangely patterned cloak or SPC. Unique, go find Annac at the Elven Defense Fortress.

Thinking Cap

+2 int, -1 dex for mages; +2 wis, -1 dex for clerics. (can any others use?)

Weird looking blue robe

+20 magic resistance.

Wigwog Skin: Shield

+10 to cold and fire resistance.

Magical Equipment, Other

The belt of the giant

High capacity container.

Drute's Bauble

Lets you emote at people from afar.

The Evil Eye

Can use scry on lower level players, need sps?

Garnet ring (semi-unique)

Increased cold and magic resistance.

A golden amulet (semi-unique)

Significant AC bonus.

A horseskin pouch

One of the three "newbie uniques" only usable by low level characters. This one is an excellent container. Weighs 1, capacity 20, and 100% compression. Must be worn to use, and only wearable below level 6.

The Medallion of Night

lowers align to evil, AC boost, resistances.

A petrified oak amulet

('Amulet of the Order'), from Drakon Encampment. Shapeshifters can wear this regardless of what form they are in. Examine the amulet when worn for a clue about your progress in that form. The sun and moon indicate time, skull and claw are for experience. The colour progression is: glowing barely, dull red, red, orange, dull yellow, bright yellow, green, pulsing blue, blinding violet, bright white. Note that 'bright white' means you are in the final phase, but not necessarily at the goal for time/exp yet.

A spidermedallion

+2 int

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