Newbie Healing

Low-level players have access to free healing in many areas. It's usually from a cleric NPC or by sleeping in a particular room.


Elven Nature Preserve

Lie down in the 'A forest grove' room for increased healing rate. (The long description of the room is pretty obvious; mentions you feel at peace and safe from harm, etc.)

Fort Mt. Wolf

On Infidian. Sleep in Fiu's house, southeast of the pond.

Ghost Ship

Lie down in the peaceful cabin upstairs (at the north end, behind a door) to increase your healing rate. Some people leave a bedroll here to sleep in and heal even faster.

Iceforge Clan Forge

Fiola the cleric will sometimes help if you ask her to heal you. If you are level 9 or below, the healing is free. She will also heal non-newbie players, but charges a fee (400 coins) for this. CAUTION: this is not a newbie area. Do not attack NPCs here unless you have some idea what you are doing.

Island Commune

"Sleep in cot" upstairs in the house to the west.


The haunted manor just north of Tantallon has a room upstairs where you can use "sleep" to heal more quickly.

Morin Farm

Uladia the cleric will sometimes help if you ask her to heal you.

Puffin Beach

Find the room with Rae in it (A small rock shelter) and "nap" or "sleep" there. If you ask nicely, Rae might also heal you.

Seal Point

When you are inside the shack (where Aemon is), "sleep (or rest) in furs" there. There is a cool-off period after sleeping during which you are not "tired enough to sleep yet" and lots of aggressive things in the forests outside the area (ogres, wolverines, etc.) so keep that in mind.

SE Isle

Make sure you are in the low/mid-level region of the Isle (north of the harbour). The healing room is north a bit and to the west. 'Join circle' to heal.

Spiders Nest (thicket of bayberry bushes)

There is a nest here where you can "sleep". The dreams are a bit creepier than those in the Manor...

(still need to investigate other newbie areas)

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