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Potions are available from various places and artificers can also brew them. I have little on the artificer brews at this time.

As an alternative to the identify spell, you can use your taste command, and compare it to what you read here. It might be accurate!

Colour Name Source Taste Effects
Azure Cure poison Mystic Fair Strongly of herbs Mild poison cure. Not as strong as a Shanni/Dubo yellow potion.
Beige Assassin's Dubo Poppy seeds +10 ambushing, poisoning, stalking
Black Confusion Dubo Confusing, jumble Makes you wander around
Blue Diseased blood Dubo Sharp, hint of copper You feel sick! (poisoned? or just nauseated?)
Blue label Regeneration Charky sparkles, no taste
Bright green Poison Mystic Fair Sickeningly sweet Poisons the drinker
Bright orange Light Dubo Sweet, fruit juice Makes one of your body parts glow
Brown Craftsman's Dubo Apple juice +20 pottery, weaving, woodcraft
Clear Cancellation Dubo Like water Cancels the effects of other Dubo potions
Clear Healing Mystic Fair Lacks a taste Need to test how much of hp and/or sp this heals
Cyan Aquatic Dubo, Shanni Salty +swimming
Dark blue Healing Dubo, Shanni Bland Heals a moderate amount of hitpoints
Dark brown Dexterity Artificers Sugary water +1 dexterity
Dark brown Wisdom Dubo Aged prune juice +1 wisdom
Dark grey Shadow Dubo Soot +20 dispossession, lock manipulation, stealth
Dark red Mental recharge Dubo, Shanni Peppermint Heals a large amount of spellpoints
Deep orange Strength Artificers Thick and salty +1 strength
Foaming Cure for strange ailment Rylmi's Flavourless Specific to an ailment acquired in that area
Golden Fiery breath Dubo Hot and spicy Lets you "flame" (breathe fire at) an opponent. But only once.
Golden Fortune Dubo Metallic +20 prospecting, searching, trade
Green Arachnoid Dubo, Shanni Sticky +climbing
Green label Poison Charky sparkles, no taste
Grey label Disease Charky sparkles, no taste
Light gray Intelligence Dubo Sophisticated +1 intelligence
Light green Intuition Artificers Honeydew melons +1 intelligence
Light red Seduction Dubo Sweet, hint of musk +20 seduction and hilarity ensues
Magenta Quickening Dubo, Shanni Somewhat spicy Heals a moderate amount of spellpoints
Murky blue Extra healing Dubo, Shanni Elderberries Heals a large amount of hitpoints
Orange Wisdom Artificers Bitter medicine +1 wisdom
Pink Hallucination Dubo Candy Hilarity ensues
Red Strength Dubo Very strong +1 strength
Red label Armsmaster Charky sparkles, no taste
Reddish orange Vitality Artificers Stale sweat +1 constitution
Sea blue Diver's Dubo Salty +20 swimming, and you temporarily have gills to breathe through.
Shimmery yellow Light Mystic Fair Causes tongue numbness Makes your skin glow
Silvery Icy breath Dubo, Snowfolk Cold Lets you "freeze" (breathe ice at) an opponent. But only once.
Silvery Protection Dubo Metallic +10 charm, cold, fire, magic, and poison resistance
Sky blue Sportsman's Dubo Peppery +10 archery, climbing, fishing, swimming
Violet Poisonous Dubo Bitter almonds Poisons the drinker
White Tongues Dubo Sour milk Increases language abilities (no visible effect if Dwarvish/Elvish/Orcish are already 100)
White label Meditation Charky sparkles, no taste
Yellow Cure poison Dubo, Shanni Very sour Cures poison
Yellow label Berserker Charky sparkles, no taste Seems to be a noticeable increase in damage, perhaps as much as 33%

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