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Area Name Comments Directions
A Kaifouin caravan Usually found around Drakhiya... various
A mutated garden What do you get when you combine a mad mage with a green thumb? Strange things! 16n 5e
Academy The place for study and learning. Go to the water clock and get wiser when the timer runs out. 31n 9w 8n 1nw
Alataciria Watch out… Quest Area
Altons Caverns Meet the possibly scariest mage of AA, and seek Glimmer. 17w 2s 3w 7n 1w
Anakim A unique flail to be found and also features a mini-quest 31n 9w 3n 6w
Anasazi Dig up the Shaman Spirit!! Is known as Anasazi: The Ancient Ones. Coded by: Tigress. 12w 4s 11w 4n 1e 1n 1w
Andeli Castle There is something strange going on in Andeli, but it is not the first time! Quest Area
Andellen Encampment A group of militant elves have set up camp in the forest. 31n 4e 2n
Anguish Tundra Watch out for snow wolves Region: Far northern Anguish arctic
Arcadia Brew some beer! 24n 5w
Asyvans Domain Snatch the Twohanded Powersword. What happened to that one noble family? Quest Area
Balan Get threatened by feisty villagers! Kill the beast. 12w 3n 2w
Battlefield What has passed here? Jacks dagger can be thrown. 20n, 8w, s, w, s, 2w, n, ne
Bear Guild Where do the leaders of the Geographic society come from? If you cannot beat them, join them! 31n 9w 2n 2w 2s
Blors Cavern Kill Blor for The Destructor (+1 dex for dwarves). Stone Helmet & Gold Cape also of use. 20n 8w 1s 1w 1s 2w 1n 5w 2s
Brawling Arena AAs brawling arena. n, e, n
Brigand Fortress Find the locker and see whats inside… 20n 8w 1s 1w 1s 1w climb mountain
Brunswik The battle rages on in Brunswik, but who fights whom and why? 31n 9w 10n 7w 3s
Burnham Castle There is much more to Burnham than meets the eye... Known as Dunsinane Castle. Coded by Amante. Quest Area
Burnham Woods Popular killing place, but there is more to Burnham than meets the eye... 29n 4w 1s
Caltisia Village Ever try to walk on ice? Low level area with 4 kills. 31n 9w 10n 8e 6n 11e...
Carcera Camp The second most favourite skill trainer. Varies
Castle Virgis, SE isle Amazon castle. Girl power! Sword of Virgis & Purple Cloak. Get Atlantis from docks
Chaos Tower Try and kill Razar for the Shadow Sword. 12w 7n 5w 1d
Convent You would think people moved to convents to get away from trouble, now... Coded by: Gwendolyn. Quest Area
Cottage Home of cottage cheese. Or not. Strangeness aplenty. 17w 3n enter
Courts of Chaos Shake hands with Maleficio, and participate in Chaotic activities in the guild of the eccentric. 16w 4n 2w n
Crescent Lake The fishing is good, and the scenery pretty. 17w 9s w
Cyranos House Cyrano is a fisherman with a heavy heart. Quest area
Dalair Famous for necromancers and Chaos, home of The Dalair Free Press, the home of the orcs and likeminded. 16w 2n
Dangerous Flora aka Endora's Labyrinth. Its a-maze-ing 16w 4s 12w 6s 2e 15s 1e ne
Drakhiya An exotic town with heaps to explore. Search for the free Tabaq & pipe and check out the roof tops. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 11s 1e 11s 4w 1s 1w 2s 4w 1s 1e
Drow Caverns Another popular place. Find the attic... Coded by: Devlin. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 8e 2s enter cave
Drow Outpost Calm on the outside, but... Find the scrolls! 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 1e 5s 3e 7s 1sw
Drutes tomb When dwarves do some burying, they do it properly. 31n 9w 10n 6e 7n 4w 1n 1e
Duender The home of the tree-hugging elves - join the guild of tea drinkers! 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 1sw
Dwarven Mines Find your inner rhythm, it is like stealing a toy from a baby... 16n 3w 1n
Eastroad Inn This chow is just so good you cannot leave without trying some. 10n 1e enter
Ebonbane Manor The Ebonbane noble family is extinct. What on Aerthe happened? 31n 9w 10n 13e 5s enter yard
Elven Crypts Zackwell's crypt. Dead elves, who could be interested... except everyone! 16w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s sw se 1s 1w 6s 2e nw
Elven Defense Fortress Illarin and crew keep the forests safe and clean from orcs! Well, some of the forests. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 1e 4s 1w
Elven Nature Preserve Elves have gathered rare creatures into a preserve, but something is afoot... Newbie area. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 8e 6s 3w n enter gap
Fairy Ring Popular newbie area. Meet the fairy queen! 21n 1w 1n
Farmstead Farm life is so relaxing, natural and with no surprises... or? Head east from Duender. Quest Area
Felgands training camp Great area, lotsa help on information on skilling 22n 2e
Ferry (North Dock) Tired of falling off the bridge? Grab a ride from Norrich! Newbies go for free. 14w 8s
Ferry (South Dock) Tired of falling off the bridge? Grab a ride from Norrich, newbies go for free! Just ring the bell. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 9e 1n
Flame Pit Prove your worth in a challenging elemental environment! 23n 10w 1n 2w 2n 1e
Flaws House Visit an experienced adventurer, but watch out for the demons of the past... 33n ne 2n e ne n w ne up
Fubs Fortress There is danger to be found here, and strange souvenirs to bring as proof of surviving! 7n 1e
Gabaldon A kind society of druids just waiting for a hand. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 1e 5s 2w 10s 1e
Gaius House So that's where he lives! Or does he? 31n 9w 13n 2e 2n
Ghost Ship A popular newbie area, visit it before you grow too big to fit in! 29n 5e enter ship
Giant Conference Now why would a bunch of giants have a conference? This requires investigation. 12w 4n 3w
Glassblower Glassblower? 12w 4s 12w 6s 2e 1s 7e 4s 5w 17s 3w s w s w s 2w 4s
Gnoll Temple A good chance to find out more about this special race. What do they worship? 31n 9w 10n 6e 1ne
Graddams Camp Graddam the animal healer is especially interesting to rangers! 31n 9w 10n 17e 6n 1ne
Gralains Tomb A long time ago, a dwarf leader lended a hand to Truehearts. Famous equipment to find! 23n 8w 1s 1sw
Greenhaven Got a tattoo you would like to get rid of? This place is fun exploring. Quest Area
Gremlin Village Gremlins are strange and messy, but Grem is the place to find out more about their culture. Quest area
Greysons Island This area was accessible in the early days, also called Greyson's Workroom. Not accessible
Hall of Heroes Coming soon... Coming soon...
Harkke portal The finest fuzzy-killing south of Natirar, this place is a haven for mid-level shapeshifters. 31n 6w 1n enter portal
Hasashiyyini Compound Coming soon... 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 11s 1e 11s 4w 1s 1w 2s 5w 1s 1w follow tracks
Hobbitat The home of the Geographic society and interesting small shops, the crossroads game and a particular adventurer... 32n
Home of Leau and Drais Coming soon... 18n 2w ne
Iceforge Clan Forge Lotsa mining rooms and a well guarded weapons forge. 31n 9w 10n 8w 20n 3e 3s 3e 2s 6e ne 2e se 4e s w 2n u n (open n) n w to Uena (Usually a ddoor from paper boy)
Iceforge Clan Tunnels Mines. 5s 6e 5s 3e from sw door in ficers
Ilderia The Ilderians are a strange race, with their own sort of magic. Find out more! 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 1e 5s 2w 5s search thicket 1e
Island Commune On a small island off the north coast live the descendants of refugees. 31n 9w 10n 25e
Isle of the Magi Catch the Monster... 16w, 8s, 2w, s into river, 2x swim w, swim n
Issla village What are the lizardmen made of? 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 11s 1e 10s 2w 1se
Knight Forest Save the girl. Lotsa bunnies to kill too. 31n 7w 5n
Knights Retreat King Drin rewards his officers with a retreat. Great area, lots to explore, but watch out for Jush! 16w 4s 8w 6s 2e s 7e 4s 5e 17s 5w sw
Knights Stronghold Beware the heir 23n 9w 3n
Lighthouse Do you believe in ghosts? Quest Area
Listhalia Village of Listan. A gentle village in the elven forests. Quest area
Magic Caves Strange caves to puzzle out. 17w 1n 2w
Manor This newbie area is so popular you see really old people there too! Fun for almost the whole family, but find somewhere else to go when you reach mid-levels... 8n 1e 1ne
Manspiders What is it between these manspiders and the drowgar? 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 8e 14s 1w 1se
Mba'e A secret community lurks under Neville. Don't you feel lucky? (Map) 13n 3e 3n 3w enter curtain
Merrick Another strange piece of history to snoop out. Quest Area
Monastery This area has been brushed up from the original, and now supports some choosing... Quest Area
Monks Guild The small but all the more friendly guild resides here. The gardens are often full of pilgrims meditating as well. 13n 3e 4n e 2n enter waterfall
Monolith One day there was nothing there, then poof! A monolith shows up. Watch out for Zhephani, she likes to follow... 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 11s 1e 11s 4w 1s 1w 5s 3e 1s
Morin Farm The Newbie Farm 13n 5w 1s
Morr Nasty undead area with a nice new armour set 31n 9w 13n 2w
Mt. Kresh Hunt for the famous Staff of Azakath. 20n 8w 1s 1w 1s 2w 1n 4w 7n 1e 1n
Music Man There once was a man who really liked music... Quest Area
Nepeth The capitol of the human Anguish, Nepeth has been renovated and has lots of wonders to discover. Take a while to enjoy the atmosphere! 12w 3n 1w 6n
Neville Famous for Puffy and Monks, Neville has several other people you want to meet as well. Explore! Play games! 13n 3e 1n
Nomads Camp With some patience, there are numerous mysteries to solve in the camp of the Azhads. Quest area
North orcs caves These cave orcs sure have personalities! 31n 9w 10n 8w 24n 10e 4s 1w
Norton Village Lots to explore, make sure you visit the steam room. 31n 9w 10n 17e 7n 3e
Numerologist The numerologist can tell you strange things just by using her abacus. Try smashing her chest. 16w, 4s, 8w, 6s, 2e, enter
Oblivos This place is not for those looking for a quick heal, but take your boy/girlfriend out for a date in a real fancy dining facility. 9w 8s 1ne
Orc Fortress A nice, interesting place. Keep an ear and eye out, you might learn something interesting. 14w 1n enter waterfall
Orc Mountain This is probably the closest we get to orcish royalty. 17w 3n 1w 2n
Paladin Estates Kind NPCs and stables that might interest the horseowners. 16w 9s
Paladin Hall Join the paladin class, make good deeds or just relax in the library. 16n 2e
Pearl Beach Interesting things to do for good swimmers. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 9s 4e
Prehistoric Valley Watch out to not become a fossil yourself! :) 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 11s 1e 11s 1w 2s 1e 1se 1sw
Puffin Beach A cute newbie area which should be visited early on before it closes up. 31n 9w 10n 21e 5n 1e
Quarry Ever wonder where all that stone to build the castles came from? 19n 5w
Queens Orphanage A colourful area with lots of details, worth touchyfeelying through. :) 11w 8n 1e
Quildars Hut Quest Area
Ranger Camp Join the rangers, get a wolf, never be alone again! Not even in the privy. 31n 9w 10n 16e 1s enter camp
Rays Sheep Farm Shear sheep, buy cheese, and try out some exotic weapons made to dual wield. 31n 9w 10n 8w 25n 11e 4s 5e 4s 5e n 4e s 2e 2s enter clearing
Ravel In this place you can unRavel fascinating places with a bit of careful exploring, if you excuse the pun. 12w 1n 1nw
Rodentid Temple Visit Bradbury and ask him about the rodentids. 2w 2s w n from Lizardman Village
Ruined Tower aka Orc Garden Watch out for the spider if you are a newbie! 15w 5s
Rune Home of the frost giants, Crescent and rune stones. 31n 9w 10n 7e 9n down
Rylmis Forsaken Manor aka The Lab Coming soon... 31n 9w 10n 6w 2n ne
Sadris A place to get to know one phenomenon well-known on AA. 12w 4s 12w 11n 3e
Sand dragons Look out for the dark, falling rocks, sleeping sand dragons, loud noises.. just be careful okay? 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 11s 1e 11s 4w 1s 1w 4s 4e 2n
Scythe Camp Join Scythe, the guild built on kicking ass. Or explore the camp for fun and profit. 9w 5s enter camp OR walk
Scythe encampment Glocks encampment by the river bridge 16w 4s 4w
SE Isle Great newbie area. Lots to kill and a free healing room. Get Atlantis from the Docks
Seal Point Great newbie area 31n 9w 10n 23e 2n e sw
Shadow Elves Gemmed Rondel Dagger to be found... 16w, 4s, 8w, 6s, 2e, s, 7e, 4s, 5e, 17s, 2w, 4n, 5w, sw
Shapeshifter Enclave Join the most reboot-friendly class there is! 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 11s 3e
Shieldhand Clan Some great new weapons and a nice unique for clerics/paladins. 31n 9w 10n 7w 7n 4e se
Shipyard So, where did those ships at the harbour come from? 10n 5e
Silent Glen Help the witch out... 31n 9w 10n 5w 4n ne
Silent Grove Hunt for the treasure. Well worth it... 16w 4s 8w 6s e s sw se s w 13s e s w
Slaver Encampment Be careful when you go in, and it will be a fun trip, be careless and it may be a nightmare. 12w 4s 11w 2n 1nw
Small house in the forest They thought it would be safer away from the big city... 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 8e 4s e nw
Snowfolk Igloo Home of the brave, bold, and cold Snowfolk guild 31n 9w 10n 8w 25n 11e 4s 5e 4s 4e 3n enter igloo
Spiders Nest aka Thicket of bayberry bushes. Must be a use for all the spiderweb 17w 6s
Star Caves Tough stuff, but famous rewards. Quest Area
Steading A chance to get to know those frost giants more closely... 31n 9w 10n 12e 1s
Sylvanthic wolves Sylvanthic wolves, famous for its Sylvanthic wolves. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 1e 5s 2w 11s 1e 4s
Sydryth Inscribe your message for all time at the oak! Quest area
Tantallon The effective capital of Anguish and main hub aka Main Village You generally start your adventure here
Tantallon Dumps The Tantallon folk toss the weirdest things... 10s 1e enter mounds
Tantallon Park Nice newbie area with good exploring to do - like those games? 8w 1s enter park
Tantallon Sea Rescue Keeping you safe in those treacherous seas of AA 8s 1e 1ne
Thranarack Get those bushy sideburns you always wanted! 31n 9w 2n 4w 2n
Tingi Village Something fishy going on in Tingi Village Quest area
Treasure Hunter A treasure hunter swears there is treasure to be found on Cyprum Island. Grab a row boat and head se. Isle of Cyprum
Troll Bridge Be sure to bring the cash, or stay away from this bridge! 31n 1w 4n
Trolls Den Probably the biggest menace to the newbies of the realm 12w enter hole
Underground Forest Very popular area with an interesting kills and a light source to be found. 30n 12w 1s 2w 1d
Virgision Village Coming soon... Coming soon...
Wayfarers Rest Your handy getting-fed place by the Shifter conclave. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 12e 11s 1e 2s enter
Windmill It is a perfectly normal windmill. Also, it has something matter-of-factly abnormal. But never you mind about that. 11w 4n enter windmill
Wizard Quest Obviously Quest...
Yeti Caves Help the Yeti's friend, the mage 31n 9w 10n 6w 14n 1e 1n
Zhamarr Visit the dark and desolate place of Zhamarr Quest area
Zhou The favourite trainer of all! 26n 1e
Zombie Miners Famous axe to be found. 12w 4s 12w 6s 1e 1s 8e 13s w s swim e

Anguish Westlands

Area Name Coords Comments Directions
Aalgirzst -37 14 Main city of the western orcs Coming soon
Knight Outpost -22 15 Coming soon Coming soon
Sylvandor -29 -24 Apply for entry today! coming soon
Westlands Everywhere west of -17 -39 to -17 60 The world beyond the mist Region: west of the old mist wall which ran north-south just west of Duender


Directions for Infidian are from ddoor at the rickety dock/Factor's Hut (SW Infidian, coordinates 51, -23) unless otherwise stated

Area Name Coords Comments Directions
Ancient Dungeon 73 -8 Find treasure or die trying 17e 15n 5e d
Drakon Encampment 72 -17 Not just one area, but two... 18e 6n 3e
Drakon Settlement 73 -14 Coming soon... 18e 9n 4e ne
Dymwood Dell A decaying forest frequented by hags and nightmares Region: Northeastern Infidian, across a bridge
Dymwood Gnomes 74 25 They have travelled here in search of something from gwot: 1se 4e 5n 17e 3s 1w 1s se
Chinchilla Farm 68 18 Furry and cute. from Gwots Camp se all e 7s all e n
Eagle Clan 69 -37 Excellent area with some VERY fine loot 16e 14s 2e ne
Ex-clerics Hill 70 45 Buy some vodkha or make your own. There is more to this place than just vegetables... from Gwots Camp se 5e 20n 9e n 2e nw
Factors Hut 51 -23 This guy looks a bit shifty at the rickety dock
Fallan 63 4 Something's not right at the Village Fayre from east peacekeeper 7e 9n 4e
Forest Chapel 66 1 Get a makeover and learn some history 17e 17n 2w 3n e 4n w n
Fort Mt. Wolf 67 21 Try and beat the game. Quality prizes on offer... from dock: w 15n 3e 6n 8e 23n 6e se
Gemynd 52 -5 Go visit Arica, the mayor of Gemynd w 15n 3e 3n w
Gwots Camp 57 24 Buy dulce and catch some fish w 15n 3e 6n 8e 25n w n 4w
Ironwood Forest Bring some poison cures! Region: Eastern Infidian, south of Pegasus Bay
Keepinks Museum 59 -17 Come add to the collection 7e 6n e d
Lava Tube 66 9 Shapeshifter earth clan (Ignatious) from Gwots Camp se, 6e, 5n, 15e, 3s, 1w, 8s, 1w, 1s, 2w, 1s, 1w, 6s, 1w, 1s, 4w
Mystic Fair 68 -25 or 62 -27 or 66 -34 Assorted wares and some sexy xaerres Varying locations on the Ondoran plains
Nehmar Farm 55 -7 Check out the new game and help out around the farm 1w 15n 3e 2n 2e s se
Paper Mill 66 -7 Interesting rewards for helping the family with their craft
Ranors Pride 52 -7 Drinking games, private rooms, and a perk for fighters w 15n 2e n nw
Redcliff on Infidian 67 31 Visit the kinder and learn some new abilities. w 15n 3e 6n 8e 25n e 7n 5e enter thicket
Seabirds 50 -10 Birds and eggs, and something amiss w 13n enter opening
Storm Dragons 77 -20 Locate the treasure SE Infidian
Sunbird Tribe Village 68 -20 Go speak to the village Elder 17e 3n ne
The Smoking Roc 60 -8 Pancakes and fancy smokes w 15n 3e 2n 6e s e s enter
Thraxi Hyf 72 -29 Watch out for untimely resets... 18e 6s 3e d

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