Rangers can breed their canines to produce litters of puppies. While different kinds of canines can breed, for example fox + wolf, their puppies will each be one or the other. That is, there are no wox or folf etc. hybrids.

A puppy starts life with a primary coat colour already set (e.g., "A cream puppy"). Markings, if it will have any, still take time to develop. When tamed by a ranger, it bonds instantly.

Rangers can 'compare' puppies and other canines to each other in order to assess their traits. A sample list of traits:

You look hard at a small charcoal trained fox comparing to a very large wheat
trained fox ...
You think that cumin is:
  Alertness seems similar.
  Appetite seems similar.
  Brutality seems barely better.
  Eluding seems marginally better.
  Energy seems barely inferior.
  Evasion seems marginally better.
  Ferocity seems slightly better.
  Fortitude seems barely inferior.
  Insight seems marginally better.
  Might seems slightly better.
  Nimbleness seems slightly better.
  Patience seems slightly better.
  Procreation seems similar.
  Sufficiency seems marginally inferior.
  Targeting seems barely inferior.
  Toughness seems marginally better.
Overall he seems to be inferior.

The puppies world storm and some subsequent shouts:

The ground begins to rumble beneath you.
You hear some high-pitched, tentative barks, followed by the scrabbling of
excited young paws across a wooden floor.
You hear Graddam exclaim, with a note of surprise: Why hello, little friends!
There is a tremulous howl of response as the animal healer bends down to
examine the new arrivals, making note of their different characteristics.
BeasT shouts: woot
It seems something has brought a new energy and friskiness to the world's
     canines, which, with time, will also bring... puppies.
Butters shouts: OMG PUPPIES
The rumbling fades away.
You feel the world has gotten cuter.
BeasT shouts: woof
NEWT shouts: i knew this winter was unseasonably warm, but i was not expecting
Primordial shouts: Graddam says: If you have the patience and are up for the
     challenge, breeding to enhance certain qualities in pets might be very
     rewarding... (Rangers may wanna pay a visit to him to find out more

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