Player shops


  • Player-owned shops were installed November 25th, 2017 as part of the 25th AAnniversary celebration.

Help documents

Player shops were designed to give as much flexibility and creativity to
players as possible within the normal game limits. Each shop is targeted
at a specific type of heal that can be created. The ingredients for creating
are based on either the recipe (found around the game) or based on the
general ingredients that can also be found around the game.

Ingredients can be specific items, or general ones. A specific item may be
a berry, or a pineapple or even a specific banana. Each of these though can
be converted to the generic ingredient 'fruit'. Fruit is then used for
items designed by a player. The amount of ingredients needed, is then based
on the size of the heal being made.

Commands are available from the backroom of the shop.

Choose <type>

If you are lucky enough to have a shop, which you can choose the option
of what you will sell. You can type 'choose <type>' and it will select
the type of shop you will be set with.
Types are: alcohol, drink, tobacco, medicinal and food.


Design <type>

This is how you creates a new item to sell.
First it is created, then it must be stocked.

When designing an item, a set of questions will be asked. This is for how
it looks, feels, smells etc. The amount it heals and its cost will also
be asked. Once the questions are done, it will display how much it would
recommend to sell it at.
It will also display the amount of ingredients needed to make the item.

ie. design food (for a food shop)

NOTE: Creating items to confuse or mislead players may get you in trouble
      with Law. Be sensible about how you make things look.

Remove <item>

This removes an item from the designed list.

Stock <item> <amount>

This will try to stock that many of the item from the ingredients in the
shop. So if the item costs a bottle, 5 water and 10 fruit to make, if
you wish to stock 20 of them, you need 20 bottles, 100 water and 200 fruit.

List [permissions|all|stock|ingredients]

Inside the shop it shows the number, the id, the item name, stock levels,
price and how much it heals. When specifying the item it can be by
number, id or name of the item.

This can also be used to list the permissions for which helpers can do what.

Deposit <amount|ingredient>

Deposit <amount> puts amount of coins into the shop. This can only be done by
the owner.
Deposit <ingredient> puts the ingredient into the shop. This can be done by
a helper or the owner.

Withdraw <amount>

This allows the owner to withdraw an amount of coins.

Price <item> <value>

Allows setting of the price of an item to value. This is how much it will
sell for in the shop.

File <recipe>
This is for recipes. Filing a recipe adds it to the list of your shop's
stockable items.

Review <item>

This allows you to see all the messages and settings and costs of an item.
Id           : 't1'
Name         : 'beer'
Short        : 'coopers draught'
Long         : 'This looks like a very cloudy beer'
Smell        : 'It smells like beer.'
Taste        : 'It tastes like beer!'
Touch        : 'It feels cool to the touch.'
Drinkmess    : 'You slam down the beer and feel giddy.'
Alcoholhp    : '45'
Alcoholsp    : '45'
Price        : 350

This will cost to make:
alcohol      : 170
bottle       : 1
water        : 43

Authorize <who> for <permission>

This allows the owner to authorize people to do one of the following:

convert         - convert specific ingredients to basic ingredients
deposit_item    - deposit items into the specific ingredients in the store
design          - design a new item
file            - file a recipe
limit           - set the limits on what the shop will sell.
list            - see the list
price           - set the prices
restock         - allow restocking
review          - review a designed item
sell            - be a front counter assistant and sell items to customers

Revoke <who> for <permission>

This removes the permission for that person.

Limit <ingredient> <amount>

Limit how much you wish to purchase from players of an ingredient.
By default this will be set to the max your shop can hold.

Convert <amount> <item>

This converts a specific item into the general pool.
If you have deposited 50 berries, but want to use them as general 'fruit'
then convert 50 berry will remove 50 berries and make them into fruit.
You can only convert deposited items.

Slog [log]
This shows the recent log activity in the shop. This is for the owner only
so they can see what has happened in the shop (like looking over the books
to see what's been selling and what hasn't).


Shops pay rent and wages. Rent goes to the town or village where the shop
resides, and wages are paid, based on the quality of the labour hired.

Rent is charged once per real life day, and can be seen in the RENT log.
The money is taken directly out of the amount left in the shop.
Should a shop default on its rent enough times, it will be automatically
repossessed and all the stock sold to pay for the debt.


Assistants can be hired at Andy, to help with running the shop. Without an
assistant, a helper must always be in the front room of the shop to
service customers.

Assistants wages are paid once per AA week.

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