Wertle's Map of AA


Wertle's Map of AA is a highly detailed and extensive map of large swaths of Ancient Anguish, compiled during Wertle's quest for glory in Anguish.

It has several area maps nestled within the surrounding world map.


To view this map you need a program called Trizbort, it is portable and does not require any installation. The map has been enhanced with colours and is somewhat complex, so the original program had to be customized. Because of this other versions of Trizbort will crash when opening this huge map.

Trizbort 1.2.1 Customized

(You can go to github if you want to know more about this customized client.)

Trizbort is a simple mapping tool developed for use with interactive fiction. There is a User Guide at its homepage, but remember not to use the software from there with Wertle's map files.

The map

And there you can download the map. It is just over 1MB in size.

Wertle's Map of AA

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