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It's been a while now, and I've still not received any email to validate my account.

I'm not terribly bothered, aside from the fact that I can't really *do* anything around here. Not that I ought to, being a wizard in-game and all, but y'all are using my oldschool geocities maps ( ) and I was kind of wishing for some credit. Honestly, I had to redownload them all myself, due to 12+ years involving losing all sorts of data, and I'm glad someone had them, but still.

Why can I no verify?
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You should have received an email when registered asking you to validate it. Before that is done there will be some restrictions unless validated on AA by staff. I am sorry we've taken so long validating you.

Wherever the maps are used they are supposed to be sourced, but if we've forgotten that we're sorry for not giving you the appropriate credit.

/Edit: strange, I validated you as Confirmed User september 28th which should allow you to edit and post without having an authenticated email. If you still can't edit, can you try to authenticate your email? You should be able to get one resent from the Preferences.
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