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Hello everyone.

I am an administrator of AAwiki and also the systems administrator and in charge of the entire domain. It's my fault when something goes wrong. When everything's right it's the work of my fellow wiki users

I've played Ancient Anguish for almost as long as I can remember, and will stay put until the robots take over and plug us into the matrix. I hope they have textmuds there. I won't edit much, but will act when there's need.

--Admin (talk) Aug 2nd 8:57 am Local Time

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I've played off and on for a long time, though I no longer recall the names of my earliest alts. I've also played on several other LPmuds over the years, but always came back to AA eventually.

I primarily play rangers, but have messed around with other classes as well. Mostly cleric, artificer (smithcraft), and shapeshifter (earth clan). But they don't have cuddly pets or bolas.

These days, when not lurking at the crossroads or gathering info for the wiki, I'm finishing off raising abilities (just fortune and traps left, until more are added...) and climbing the skills lists.

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Yeah, I am Mr Wiki. I'm the real Mr Wiki, I'll stand up.

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Hello, World!
These days, I am a relative newbie on AA. I began playing there in 2005. It was my first MUD. It is my only MUD. I have joined the wiki to support its efforts and shamelessly advance my desires to motivate other players to join the 21st century and use moar client plugins.

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I'm in !
AA is the one and only online games i play. I started about last month.

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