Player ships



  • Player-owned ships were installed September 25th, 2017 as part of the 25th AAnniversary celebration.
  • Ships are similar to the player-owned houses.
    • Ships last through reboot and they are customisable; allowing you to change
    - the items (furniture, etc) within each room
    - each room's description
    - each room's sound
    - each room's smell
    - the description of the exterior of the ship
    • Ships are private, only allowing people you have authorised to board or make changes.
  • Unlike houses, there is not a limited supply; every player who wants to go through the process of building a ship may do so.
  • Ships are used to travel the lakes, rivers, and oceans of Oerthe.

World Storm

A strong wind carries a salty ocean breeze across the world.

You hear hammering noises from somewhere northeast of Tantallon.

Workers call out to each other above the clattering of wooden beams being
piled together.

Tamarlyn the shipwright shouts: Our efforts have paid off at last!

You hear a call to heave on a rope, and the workers cheer their successful
craftsmanship as a large seafaring vessel slides down some planks and into
the water.

Deidre shouts: The shipyard is open for business!

Getting started

The shipyard can be found to the northeast of Tantallon.
Directions to Deidre the shipwright contractor from the East Village Crossroads are 10 north, 6 east, 1 southeast, 1 south.

You may start gathering materials right away and drop or pile them at Deidre; she will keep track of all of your materials.

Useful syntaxes: pile all, pile all <item>, pile <item>, drop all, drop all <item>, drop <item>

To get started with the construction of your ship, you must first place an order with Deidre.

The syntax is: order <ship type>

Once you have obtained all of the required materials for the ship you have ordered, you may start construction.

The syntax is: build <ship type>

To see how many materials are in your piles at Deidre, you may examine or look at them.

The syntaxes are: exa pile or look at pile



  • Boxes of nails may be purchased from Braen at the shipyard or from Dubo at Norton.
  • Each full box contains 100 nails.
  • Both have a limited supply, however Braen offers many more nails per reset than Dubo.
  • Braen charges 300 gold per box whereas Dubo charges 4 lemming pelts.


  • Ropes may be found all across Ancient Anguish or may be braided by rangers using sinew.
  • Hobbitat is the easiest shop to buy ropes from, as they have an unlimited supply.
  • Braen at the shipyard sells a limited supply of hemp ropes.
  • Morin farm has a shop that sells rope but closes at night.
  • Normal ropes cost 30 gold each if bought from a shop. Ranger-made ropes cost 250 gold.


  • Wooden beams can be cut by players or bought from Uena at the Iceforge supply room.
  • Beams cost 5 sps for a ranger to cut and 8 sps for a non-ranger to cut using specific axes built for chopping wood.
  • Beams cost 40 gold if purchased from Uena.


  • Wooden planks can only be obtained by a player cutting them.
  • Planks cost 5 sps for a ranger to cut and 8 sps for a non-ranger to cut using specific axes built for chopping wood.

Types of ships


As described by Deidre
The knarr is the smallest of ships. It is a little slow to move, and must stay near to shore. It can sail up any river and almost any lake. This ship is ideal for the captain who is not in a hurry and likes to explore the world.
Materials to build
33,334 gold coins.
10,080 nails.
37 ropes.
1,680 straight beams.
5,040 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The crayer is a fine ship. Slightly longer than a Knarr, but can handle slightly deeper water than a Knarr. This small vessel can handle any river or lake, though is still a coast hugger. This amazingly small ship would suit a captain who likes to explore the coastlines and small waterways.
Materials to build
100,000 gold coins.
33,600 nails.
144 ropes.
5,040 straight beams.
16,800 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The berlinn is a wonderful single masted ship. This long ship sports even a crow's nest in which to see further away, allowing additional opportunities for a daring captain to sail the seas.
Materials to build
133,334 gold coins.
47,040 nails.
214 ropes.
6,720 straight beams.
23,520 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The balinger is the finest small ship you can find. Its sleek lines allow swift passage across the water, and it is the smallest vessel that has a cargo hold for storage of valuables that you would not like out in the weather. This single masted beauty also has a crow's nest to allow a daring captain to seek out new trade routes and to see pirates at a distance.
Materials to build
250,000 gold coins.
90,720 nails.
425 ropes.
12,600 straight beams.
45,360 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The hoy may be a slow moving cargo vessel, but it can handle waters a balinger captain would fear to sail. The hoy features an extended hold for more storage and still comes with the crow's nest to detect pirates.
Materials to build
100,000 gold coins.
36,960 nails.
177 ropes.
5,040 straight beams.
18,480 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The cog is a large vessel with several holds for cargo storage. It is faster than a hoy and can sail in deeper water than a caravel. This is a merchants prime choice.
Materials to build
233,334 gold coins.
87,360 nails.
424 ropes.
11,760 straight beams.
43,680 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The caravel is the top of the line river and ocean explorer. It is able to sail up most rivers, but large enough to explore some of the more dangerous oceans. It sleek lines give it speed to out run pirates, and to get cargo to port on time. It is the smallest ship that even has a cabin for the captain to store his or her charts.
Materials to build
350,000 gold coins.
131,040 nails.
635 ropes.
17,640 straight beams.
65,520 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The hulk is a very large and fast ship. This ship has twin masts for additional speed, as well as a snug cabin and additional cargo hold space.
Materials to build
400,000 gold coins.
151,200 nails.
740 ropes.
20,160 straight beams.
75,600 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The carrack is the smallest of the true deep sea vessels. Its large size gives it the ability to roam anywhere on the ocean. This ship was designed to allow commerce between Anguish and Infidian, without having to go along the coastal route.
Materials to build
300,000 gold coins.
114,240 nails.
564 ropes.
15,120 straight beams.
57,120 straight planks.


As described by Deidre
The dromon is the largest ship we build. It has three strong masts and two cabins. It is more a ship designed for battle than for cargo. It has a large capacity to transport many troops or soldiers where they may need to go, but its draft is deep, needing a harbour to dock in.
Materials to build
500,000 gold coins.
191,520 nails.
950 ropes.
25,200 straight beams.
95,760 straight planks.

Help documents


  Ships can be built in the shipyard to the northeast of Tantallon. Once
a ship is built it acts like a floating house. This allows special
customisations, installations etc. The following help document provides
information on commands and options.

How to modify a ship

  The way a room looks can be modified with the command:
    change room <new room description>

  In a similar way the smell or sounds of a room can me modified with:
    change smell <new sound description>
    change sound <new sound description>

  In addition, you can change the "short" name of the room with:
    change short <new short name>

  Finally, the "exterior" look of the ship (the full description of the
  room) can be changed with:
    change exterior <new exterior description>

Adding items to a ship

  It is possible to add items to a room, and once that is done they become
  a permanent part of the room description.  Such items fall into two
  categories, portable and non-portable.

  Portable items can be placed in a ship, where they become a part of the
  room, until they are removed again.  The furniture and most other items
  sold in the Cyprum market are of this kind, but other items may or may
  not be "placeable" in this sense.  All portable items can be installed
  and removed with the following commands:
    place <object>
    remove <object>

  Some items also offer alternative commands, for example, in addition to
  the command 'place painting', you can also
    hang painting on wall

  Non-portable items include things like stoves and built in beds.
  Once installed, they cannot be removed except by destroying them.  They
  can be obtained at various places around the world.

Permissions on a ship

  The owner (or captain) of the ship can allow others to change the ship.
  The captain must be at the helm to change permissions.

  There are two commands for this purpose:
    authorise <permission> <name>
    revoke <permission> <name>

  Permissions that can be set are:
    boarding     - who can come on board the ship.
    changing     - who can change the look/smell/sound of the ship.
    installing   - who can install items on the ship
    uninstalling - who can uninstall/remove items from the ship.
    rowboats     - who can lower and raise a rowboat. This also includes
                   grappling to another ship.

  Permissions can be seen by typing list.

  Note: The player being authorized must be logged in at the time.

Sailing ship commands

  To move a ship in a direction simply sail it in the compass direction you
  wish to move.
    sail <direction>

  Note: Depending on the ship, some water areas are too deep or shallow
        to sail into.

  Other ship commands.
    yell <msg>             - sends a message over the ship and around it.
    board <name of ship>   - boards the ship.
    anchor ship            - drops the anchor to stop the ship moving.
    grapple <another ship> - allows two ships to be connected for the case of
                             boarding from one to another.
    lower <boat>           - allows a smaller tender type boat to be lowered
                             over the side. A grapple is needed to do this.
    raise <boat|anchor>    - raise a small tender type boat or anchor up.
    untie grapple          - will decouple grappled boats.
    name ship <new name>   - name the ship. Capitalisation should be preserved.
                             NOTE: This can only be done ONCE.
                                   If the name is offensive, then Law will
                                   become involved.

Other Ship options

Should you desire to change to a different ship, you can get Deidre to salvage
it for you. Your ship will be destroyed, and construction materials salvaged
from it will be piled for you at Deidre.
You can only have one ship per alt, so before the new ship can finish
building the old ship MUST be salvaged. This provides time to uninstall your
items and let the building finish. Please leave enough time so that reboot
does not lose your items.

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